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Annual Payment Plan

With the bright.net-BRT Annual Payment Plan, you can make one payment for the whole year and you can save money at the same time! The annual payment for your bright.net-BRT account will be 11 times your monthly charges. To figure an approximate amount for your payment, you simply take your bright.net statement and multiply the amount marked "Total Current Charges" by 11. Since some accounts are still subject to sales tax and others have extra e-mail accounts, we would want you to e-mail us or call the office to confirm the actual amount of your annual payment.

Due to the monthly changes in overtime charges, the Annual Payment Plan is only available to bright.net Gold (unlimited number of connections) customers. For those of you currently with a bright.net Basic account, this might be an excellent time to consider upgrading!

Here's how the Annual Payment Plan will work... John Q. Public is currently a bright.net Gold customer. He also has one extra e-mail account. His current monthly charges are $24.95. He multiplies this amount by eleven and comes up with a total of $274.45. This is his annual payment. Once we receive this amount from him, we will credit his account for the entire amount plus the twelfth month's charges of $24.95 ($21.95 plus $3.00). Each month, he will receive a bill showing how much credit is left on his account.

Now, should John Q. Public decide to cancel his service, we will remove the credit for the first month's service. The balance left on his account after all charges are satisfied will be refunded to him.

Annual Payment Form