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High Speed Wireless

bright.net-BRT High Speed Wireless starting at $39.95!
High Speed Wireless from bright.net-BRT provides you with a high speed Internet connection without tying up your phone line. The wireless receiver connects directly to a router or your computer's network card providing you with a high speed connection without the high costs associated with a dedicated circuit.

High Power

The benefits of bright.net-BRT Wireless Internet are:
  • A constant dedicated connection
  • Faster uploads and downloads
  • No need for a second phone line
  • Access to all your favorite bright.net features (for instance: MyMail, BrightSite, Intelligent Content Control, Pop-Up Blocker)
  • State-of-the-Art Network Operations Center that monitors the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Low Power

Q: How secure is my bright.net-BRT wireless Internet connection?

A: The wireless equipment used by bright.net-BRT uses frequency hopping technology. Frequency hopping means that the wireless equipment automatically changes the frequency that data being sent either to or from you is being carried on. The equipment can do this anywhere from 8-24 times a second, making this system very secure and robust.

With competitive pricing available for both business and residential services, High Speed Wireless from bright.net-BRT is the perfect solution for your high speed Internet needs.

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