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Payment Options

Three Payment Options for Our Customers!
Many of you have asked for alternatives in paying for your bright.net-BRT service. While you may continue to pay monthly as you have in the past, we are offering three payment options which you may find as a more convenient way to pay for your Internet Service. These payment options are for bright.net customers.

The first option allows you to have your bright.net-BRT services paid from your checking or savings account; this is known as bank draft or ACH payment. Once you are enrolled in the plan, you will authorize the bank to transfer funds to us to pay for your Internet service.

Click here for more bank draft information.

The second option allows you to make one annual payment for many of your bright.net-BRT services. This will also allow you to save money as you will receive one month of service free when enrolling in the annual payment program. In other words, you will pay for eleven months of service and receive twelve.

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The third option allows you to make a credit payment for your bright.net-BRT service.

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