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Company Scrapbook

Total receipts for the Company during the first years of operation were indeed, modest. Here, we can see that in 1905, the company operated on a little more that $450 in total revenues. At that time, the Company Secretary collected all of the fees for telephone usage. This money was turned over to the Company Treasurer every three months. Given the operating budget of the Telephone Company today, these cash receipts would only last a few hours! Could this have been the first "telephone directory" for the Benton Ridge Telephone Company? This is a copy of the early line assignment records. When the Company first started, very few people had their own "private line", something we take for granted today. Line assignment was more likely based on a person's location in the area served by the early telephone companies. You will note that at least a couple of persons had a private line. Note also that the person having line #11 also had an extension in the barber shop.

Operators from the Benton Ridge Telephone Company from the 1920's. This is the 1956 Benton Ridge Telephone Book. Notice that at one time, advertising space was sold on the phone book covers to generate additional revenues for a small, rural telephone company.

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