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BRT Telephone Services
In spite of our humble beginnings and our primarily rural setting, The Benton Ridge Telephone Company has been meeting the telecommunication needs of our customers for well over 100 years.  Today, our commitment to service has manifested itself in a variety of telephone service packages and long distance calling options to meet your expectations.

Some of these service packages do vary by your location, but we offer four packages that are currently available to most of our telephone customers.  Our Bronze Package is available to all of our customers and includes the convenient features of Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Three-way Calling.  The Bronze Package is only $3.99 per month.

BRTís Silver Package offers Caller ID, Call Return and Repeat Dialing.  This package is available for $7.99 monthly.

The Gold Package features Call Waiting, Caller ID and Voice Mail.  It is $8.09 per month.  The Platinum Package offers Call Forwarding, Three-way Calling, Call Return, Repeat Dialing and Distinctive Ringing in addition to the features of the Gold Package.  Our Platinum Package offers all of the special calling features that you could ever want for only $11.99 per month.  At this time, the Gold and Platinum Packages are only available to customers in the Benton Ridge exchange.

bright Long Distance Services
The Benton Ridge Telephone Company offers three different long distance packages to meet all of your varying long distance needs.

  • Talk More, Pay Less: 15 cents a minute

  • Five Cent Plan:  Mon Ė Fri, 9 cents per minute;
    Sat & Sun, 5 cents a minute ($4.95 monthly fee)

  • Plain & Simple:  325 minutes for $19.95 per month


For additional information on any of the telephone service packages or long distance services,
please call our office at (419) 859-2144 and we will be happy to help you!

Benton Ridge aDSL - click here for more information.

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